Pam Cary

Pam Cary

Pam Cary, the unstoppable force behind her brand Pam Possible™, has established a unique position in the wellness industry by implementing highly effective methods that lead to transformative results. After more than a decade as a corporate buyer with a major food retailer, Pam chose to have a more physical presence at home with her young children. With a wealth of skills and experiences garnered from her personal and professional voyage, Pam is uniquely poised to champion individuals on their wellness journey, offering steadfast support and advocacy every step of the way.

"plan for the future, but do not waste the present”

- Dr. Shaklee

The roots of her allegiance

to her brand partner, Shaklee©, can be traced back to her early years, when her grandmother introduced a range of vitamins, protein shakes, and organic cleaning products to their family home, emphasizing their role in building a healthy lifestyle. Through decades of personal experience with these products, she has fostered an unbreakable bond with her brand partner, remaining fiercely loyal for the past 50 years!

Over the past 25 years, Pam has built a successful career as a nutrition expert and business coach. She is a skilled trainer who has spoken before audiences of 3000+ and has been recognized for her entrepreneurial achievements and her heartfelt dedication to the field. In 2021, she was the recipient of the first Shaklee© True Leadership Award.

With the recent increase

in the number of holistic health care providers, who have a renewed focus on wellness vs. illness, Pam has joyfully stepped into her new role as Pam Possible™. She is passionate about bringing these professionals into the spotlight and introducing them to products from Shaklee© – the most clinically proven wellness company in the world.

Pam’s unwavering dedication lies in her mission to empower as many individuals as possible to minimize the gap between their health span and their life span. Her vision is to equip people with the tools and knowledge to carry their wellness throughout their entire journey of aging, ensuring a vibrant and fulfilling life. This commitment to helping others live life to the fullest is the most exhilarating aspect of her vision to continue “living all out.”

While leading a fast-paced entrepreneurial life, Pam finds joy in spending time with her five adult children and their expanding families. She has a deep admiration for people, music, and travel. Click the button below to connect with Pam, learn more about her journey, and explore partnership possibilities.

My Family

 I was born in 1964, in a town of 3,800 people, outside of Buffalo, NY. I was the middle of three children.

My Grandmother-

She brought Shaklee products (vitamins, protein shakes, and biodegradable organic cleaning concentrate) to my house and told my mom to use these products…they would keep our family in good health.

Graduated from Cornell University

Moved to Chicago; started corporate career with Aldi



Married to Rich; working 70+ hours/week; no kids for 8 years.


After birth of second child, decided to leave corporate job and become a stay-at-home-mom

New Career

Fell into my next career as a wellness entrepreneur after helping my mom friends keep their kids and themselves healthy. Set a goal of 20 years to raise my kids and get my 6-figure income back.  My first business partner..Moyra Gorski. We have been together for 23 years.

Family Time

Spent the next 20 years working my business and raising my kids.

Looking Ahead

We bought land in Montana... where we will retire.

New Addition

We welcomed our first Grandchild

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